说明:高级检索多个条件检索时是按照顺序运算的:如 A或B与C 即:(A或B)与C

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An Adaptive Semisupervised Feature Analysis for Video Semantic Recognition




Video semantic recognition usually suffers from the curse of dimensionality and the absence of enough high-quality labeled instances, thus semisupervised feature selection gains increasing attentions for its efficiency and comprehensibility. Most of the previous methods assume that videos with close distance (neighbors) have similar labels and characterize the intrinsic local structure through a predetermined graph of both labeled and unlabeled data. However, besides the parameter tuning problem underlying the construction of the graph, the affinity measurement in the original feature space usually suffers from the curse of dimensionality. Additionally, the predetermined graph separates itself from the procedure of feature selection, which might lead to downgraded performance for video semantic recognition. In this paper, we exploit a novel semisupervised feature selection method from a new perspective. The primary assumption underlying our model is that the instances with similar labels should have a larger probability of being neighbors. Instead of using a predetermined similarity graph, we incorporate the exploration of the local structure into the procedure of joint feature selection so as to learn the optimal graph simultaneously. Moreover, an adaptive loss function is exploited to measure the label fitness, which significantly enhances model's robustness to videos with a small or substantial loss. We propose an efficient alternating optimization algorithm to solve the proposed challenging problem, together with analyses on its convergence and computational complexity in theory. Finally, extensive experimental results on benchmark datasets illustrate the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed approach on video semantic recognition related tasks.



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